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Basil 'Genovese'

Zones: Annual
Exposure: Full Sun
Mature Size: 24"H x 12"S
Bloom: White, Summer
Pot Size: 3.25”
Availability: SPRING 2022

Minimum Order - ANY TWO plants

Product Features

  • Culinary
  • Aroma
  • Container
  • Pollinator
  • Indoor
  • Sweet Basil Plants (Genovese)

    Ocimum basilicum

    Basil 'Genovese', also called Sweet Basil, is one of the most popular herb plants that we offer. We grow a lot of different basil plantsand this is a favorite for authentic Italian basil flavor and aroma - it is often used to make traditional pesto. It is a must for your culinary herb gardening efforts.

    Culturally, Genovese Basil is important to Italian cuisine, and traditionally was a symbol of love throughout Italy. When women were preparing for courtship, many would place a potted Genovese outside of their door to signal suitors that they were receptive to their calls. In India, it is considered a sacred herb, and is often dedicated to Vishnu and Krishna.

    Sweet Genovese Basil Plants

    A hugely popular culinary herb, the tall and relatively slow to bolt stems on this basil plant bear dark green leaves about 3" long. This is a wonderful pesto basil and our Italian Cuisine Kit is a great starter set for the ambitious chef!

    Basil is also a fantastic companion plant and natural pest repellent. Check out Briscoe's Tips to learn what not to plant near your Basil and how you can use it to keep mosquitoes away this summer!

  • Ocimum basilicum

    Characteristics: Basil is one the easiest and most popular traditional culinary herbs! This tasty favorite is an annual, and will grow well in just about every zone. Be sure to plant outside only when night temperatures reach 50 to 55 degrees or above.
    Light: Basil needs a lot of light, but will benefit from a little shade during the hottest part of the day.
    Water: Water basil when it is dry to the touch, without over watering.
    Soil: Basil likes rich, well-drained soil and will grow best in soil enhanced with well-composted manure.
    Use: Genovese Basil is a favorite for authentic Italian cuisine.

    Basil is a great natural pest repellent and companion plant:

    Basil is a wonderful plant to plant near your kitchen windows or doorways, not just for its use in your favorite dishes, but because this culinary herb has terrific natural pest repellent properties! Said to effectively keep house flies and mosquitoes away, planting Basil near entryways to your home, rubbing it on your skin and clothing, and planting it around your yard and patio will help reduce the amount of unwanted summer pests. Planting it in your garden will also keep destructive pests like Thrips, white flies, and aphids away from neighboring plants. Basil blooms are also very attractive to butterflies and other useful pollinators.

    Basil is said to increase the health and flavor of many vegetables like asparagus, bell peppers, cabbage and especially tomato plants when companion planted together. For best results, do not plant Sage or Rue near your Basil, as this is said to inhibit the plant's growth and flavor. Instead, grow Chamomile near your Basil plants to encourage its success.

    Click here to learn more about the "Beauty of Basil"!

  • Basils do best with a good pinch! You can harvest a leaf hear and there, even when the plants are young. As they grow, you can take more ~ remember that the more you pick, the more the plant will grow. If you are harvesting, DO NOT allow the plant to 'go to seed' as once flowering begins, leaf productions stops. You can easy avoid this by removing the flower stalks as soon as they appear.

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