Zones: 4-9
    Exposure: Full to Par Sun
    Mature Size: 12-15' H x 6-8' S
    Bloom: White
    Pot Size: 3.25"
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    • NON-GMO
    • Chimical free
    • 100% Guarantee
    • Aroma
    • Container
    • Pollinator
    • Butterfly
    • Native
    • Buttonbush Plants For Sale

      Cephalanthus occidentalis

      Herb Growing Tips

      Light:  Full to part sun

      Temperature:  Herbaceous perennial hardy in Zones 4 to 9

      Watering:  Water often, Buttonbush likes moist-wet soil

      Soil: Likes most soil like loam and sand does not like dry grounds!

      Comments:  Buttonbush does tend to attract Deer, so keep that in mind when planting. This plant is not prone to diseases but can get Brown leaf Spot. Luckily, this typical fungal infection does not need treatment. Removing the infected leaves, cleaning around the plant to allow more sunshine and airflow will fix the problem!

      Herb Description

      Buttonbush is a deciduous shrub that is hardy and fast growing. Pretty resilient in all types of temperatures but does require wet/moist soil, not drought tolerant. Common Buttonbush will thrive in 6-8 hours of sunshine. Adding a slow-release fertilizer in spring will help summer flowering. 

      The flowers on buttonbush...dare I say are "cute as a button". These showy round white pincushions that usually bloom in June through September. This easy to grow plant helps make a garden pop, while adding nectar for bees and butterflies and fruit for birds... It's a win/win for everyone!

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