Zones: 4-9
Exposure: Full Sun
Mature Size: 30"H x 18"S
Bloom: White, Summer
Pot Size: 3.25”
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  • Aroma
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  • Pyrethrum Plants

    Tanacetum cinerariifolium

    Pyrethrums are beautiful white and yellow bloomers with an upright habit that are related to Tansy, Feverfew and Chrysanthemums. Single, daisy-like blooms adorn blue-green feathery foliage and make great additions to cut or dried bouquets.

    This plant's value goes well beyond its beauty, as it is a major source for an all natural insecticide. Deemed safe to humans, the flowers are potent sources of Pyrethrin, a naturally occurring insect repellent and pesticide. When dried flowers are added to water, the mixture is safe enough even for food crops, or when left dried, can be burned as a mosquito repellent. The chemical attacks the nervous system of various insects, rendering them lifeless. In smaller doses, it works merely to keep them away rather than kill them. Enhanced by cool temperatures, Pyrethrin can be kept in storage in powder form for years and remain potent.

    Because of their ability to repel insects and pests, Pyrethrums make excellent companion plants, especially when growing fruits and vegetables. Some people with severe sensitivities can have allergic reactions to Pyrethrums, and these beautiful perennials should never be planted near fish ponds, as they are highly toxic to fish.
  • This is a beautiful and carefree perennial that delights me each morning. 'Summer Sun' puts on a show of semi-double, 2-3 inch wide, bright gold flowers all summer long and we have it growing right outside of our kitchen bay window. Butterflies and hummingbirds delight in this flowering perennial. Their strong stems make them great for cutting and combines well with any flower. This variety of heliopsis is very heat tolerant, making it the best cultivar for southern zones. This perennial for sun is a real workhorse in the garden! It has a bushy, well-branched form and glossy, deep green, triangular leaves.



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