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Lantana 'Tangerine'

Zones: 8-11
Exposure: Full Sun
Mature Size: 3' H x 6' S
Bloom: Orange/Yellow, Summer
Pot Size: 3.25”
Availability: SPRING 2022

Minimum Order - ANY TWO plants

Product Features

  • Deer Resistant
  • Container
  • Pollinator
  • Indoor
  • Butterfly
  • Drought
  • Tangerine Lantana Plants

    Lantana Camara

    A new addition to our large lantana lineup! Welcome this gorgeous tangerine beauty that has eye catching small tubular flowers of red, yellow and orange blooming above lovely crinkled green foliage. This plant has a lower and broader habit that most lantanas, and looks gorgeous when planted en masse. Consider this among the 'spillers' - plants to be used in the front of the border, or in a container where you need some color front and center.

    Like all lantanas, 'Tangerine' is such a great plant to grow. Easy indoors and out, can tolerate dry conditions and STILL BLOOM, attracts all sorts of great pollinators to your yard and is tough as nails.

    Although it is only hardy to Zone 8, we find these plants so easy to grow indoors so we always suggest bringing them indoors and enjoying blooms in a bright sunny window. Not to brag, but we've got one that is going on 11 years old in our 'Florida room'!

    Again, a perfect landscape plant that is both salt tolerant, as well as tolerant of less than perfect environmental conditions - Tangerine lantanas can tolerate pollution and you'll find them in cityscapes all over!
  • Lantana Camara

    Characteristics: Bright orange flowers add excitement to any garden!

    Light: Plant Tangerine Lantanas in full sun

    Water: Water when soil seems dry to the touch. Heat and drought tolerant.

    Soil: Thrives in Average well-drained soil.

    Use:In containers, borders, down walls or banks.

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