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Potted Lemon Verbena


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Product Features

    • Potted Lemon Verbena Plants

      Enjoy the fresh lemony scent and fresh flavor of Lemon Verbena all year with our Potted Lemon Verbena!

      Lemon Verbena is an easy plant to grow, indoors or out. It requires at least 6 hours of bright, indirect sun to keep producing its flavorful leaves. Indoor temperatures should not go under 55 degrees as the plant will begin dropping leaves. With warm temperatures and adequate light, you will have a wonderful container plant, for indoors or out.

      Lemon Verbena is a popular culinary herb that lends a fresh lemon zest to any dish; it also makes a wonderful tea. Its a lovely plant all on its own, with a handsome woody stem and delicate long leaves.

      We combine this lovely herb with a Hand Thrown clay pot; a great addition to your indoor garden and a most welcomed gift for anyone on your list.

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