Fennel, Bronze

Zones: 5-11
Exposure: Full to Part Sun
Mature Size: 4'H x 18'S
Bloom: Yellow, Early Summer
Pot Size: 3.25”
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Product Features

  • Culinary
  • Medicinal
  • Aroma
  • Pollinator
  • Indoor
  • Butterfly
  • Drought
  • Rare
  • Bronze Fennel Plants

    Foeniculum vulgare

    Add Bronze Fennel to your garden to create a beautiful backdrop for your other plants. The colorful, lacy fronds of this aromatic culinary herb are also very important to butterfly aficionados. A vital host herb for the Eastern Black Swallowtail and the Anise Swallowtail butterflies, for offering a safe haven for their young to mature, Bronze Fennel provides food and shelter to these lovely pollinators.

    Bronze Fennel is a wonderful culinary herb - the leaves are great with fish. It is a wonderful companion to Tarragon providing the same unique anise flavor. Bronze Fennel is one of the main ingredients in Italian sausage and the seeds have a sweet licorice-like taste. You can use Bronze Fennel and Green Fennel interchangeably in dishes.

    Plant in full sun with good drainage and cut back at the end of the season after the seeds have formed. Bronze fennel makes a dramatic garden plant because of its subtle bronze color and wispy leaves. Add it to an annual bed or plant with other culinary herbs for a wonderful cooking garden.

    This delicious culinary herb also has wonderful medicinal potential and helps to ease bloating and digestion. It makes for a soothing after dinner tea! In ancient times, Bronze Fennel was believed to keep evil spirits away from the home.

  • Foeniculum vulgare
    Characteristics: This beautiful bronze colored perennial is beautiful in the garden and makes a great haven for Swallowtail Butterflies!
    Light: Fennel prefers full to partial sun.
    Water: Keep moist but not constantly wet; can withstand drought.
    Soil: Well-drained garden loam with pH of 4.8 to 8.2.

    Extras:Medicinally, Fennel is great for digestion and can be made into a soothing after dinner tea. It also has a cleansing and toning effect on your skin, and makes an natural insect repellent for fleas. Plant some around your outdoor kennels, barn or near your doorways to keep fleas at bay naturally.

  • If you love the way Bronze Fennel tastes in your favorite dishes, try Green Fennel! Used interchangeably for their similar flavors and growth habits, Green Fennel makes a tasty addition to fish, salads and other savory dishes. When growing together in the garden, they make a beautiful pair. Contrasting colors and billowing fronds add an attractive backdrop to your herb garden, and their yellow blooms are very attractive to butterflies!

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