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Hyacinth Bean 'Ruby Moon'

Zones: 10-11
Exposure: Full Sun
Size: 20'H x 6'S
Bloom: Purple, Summer - Fall
Pot Size: 3.25"
Availability: SPRING 2021

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  • Ruby Moon Hyacinth Bean Plants

    Lablab purpureus

    This exotic climbing vine not only adds height to your garden but a beautiful splash of color. An array of purple flowers and seed pods grow amongst wine-tinted foliage, making this an excellent contrast to traditional annuals. Great for adorning trellises or creating natural screens, 'Ruby Moon' creates a fragrant curtain that birds, butterflies and bees love. Very aromatic, the plant's flowers resemble those of a Sweet Pea, which it is actually related to, despite its misleading name. 

    Quick growing with a thick spread, the Hyacinth Bean 'Ruby Moon' can grow up to twenty feet tall when trained and encouraged properly. Self seeding, one plant can produce many seeds from its large purple seed pods. These seed pods are considered a culinary delight in some Asian and Indian countries, but must be prepared correctly, as they are highly toxic. 

    Train your climbing vines to grow taller for a more dramatic garden!
  • Hyacinth Bean is a great looking climbing vine - it has striking colors, warm shades of purple and pink. A drought resistant, easy to grow vine that works really well on fences, walls and trellises. Can be an outstanding groundcover as well. I have grown it up a brick wall, but remember to give it a lot of support!

    Remember not to plant too early, hyacinth bean is a tropical plant and will not tolerate cold weather. 

  • Uses: This exotic climber will turn heads as it towers over your other plants! Give it a trellis, fence or tree to climb and this vine will go wild! Beautiful wine colored blooms and foliage are highly fragrant and very attractive to butterflies and other pollinators. The plant's purple seed pods are considered a delicacy in some cultures, but must be prepared with great caution and expertise, as they are highly toxic.

    Tips: Build a trellis to train your Hyacinth Bean to grow taller to give it better posture. They also make great creeping carpets for your garden, but may choke out other plants if left to run wild.

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