Herbs That Grow in Full Sun

    If you reside in a town where it's always warm and sunny, you may have had a herb or two die on you. While that can be a bummer, the fix would be to know which herbs can thrive in full sunlight instead of partial sunlight.

    To guide you, we created a shortlist of herbs that grow in full sun, perfect for your yard, patio, balcony or even a wide kitchen window where the sun just hits right.


    First on our list of herbs that like full sun is the gorgeous and fragrant lavender that can serve you in many ways, including making herbal tea. Lavender loves plenty of sunshine and is well known for attracting pollinators. Only make sure to plant them in well-draining soil.


    Chives are essentially tiny onions; while they can grow in partial sunlight, chives flourish in full sunlight. They spring pink to edible pink-purple flowers, but many grow this herb for their leaves.

    Another good thing about chives is that they’re perennial. So if you live where it can get a bit colder or shadier in some months, there's no need to worry about your chives dying out on you. But make sure to plant them in well-drained potting soil rich in organic matter.

    Lemon Balm

    Those old-fashioned by heart favor the next one on our list of herbs that grow in full sun, the fabulous lemon balm. While it can withstand full sunlight, it doesn't mind some midday shade as well. 

    Be aware that lemon balm spreads freely, so if invasiveness is a concern, it will do just fine in containers.

    Herbs like lemon balm don't usually need fertilizer or compost, but if you notice the herb looks faded or tired, a small amount of organic fertilizer mixed into the soil will do the trick. 


    Also known as coriander, cilantro is loved by many for its tangy flavor profile. While it prefers full sun to flourish, it tolerates some afternoon shade and grows quite quickly. Cilantro does tend to bolt in midsummer heat. So for longstanding performance, spring and fall plantings may be best. 

    If you plan to plant this in a container, make sure it's at least 12 inches deep because cilantro has a long taproot—some varieties even grow up to two feet.

    And make sure to sow seeds regularly, so your cilantro yields a steady supply of leaves, especially if you love Mexican dishes!


    Dill is tall, ferny foliage with pretty yellow blooms accentuating your garden. Apart from its beauty, dill is a favorite to match with vegetable and fish dishes and creamy sauces.

    While dill tolerates heat well, you'd have to grow it in loamy soil with average moisture.


    A sunlight-loving herb is lemongrass. Its wide varieties mostly love the warmth, but for a fuller flavor, pick out the West Indian lemongrass. And while it endures the heat, this type of herb loves humidity and rich soil, so make sure to keep the moisture high.

    To keep the grassy herb lush, you can also use a nitrogen fertilizer.


    Unlike lemongrass, rosemary thrives in dry, hot climates. Rosemary's rich aroma that resembles that of pine is loved by many, making it a staple not only in the kitchen but also for essential oils and scented candles.

    Rosemary also yields delicate purple flowers that add beauty to your garden or kitchen window.


    All the chicken salad lovers living in warm cities can grow tarragon without issues. Tarragon has delicate leaves with a light anise-like taste that's perfect with egg dishes. If you want to grow this perennial herb, only make sure to give them at least 18 inches apart, so they have enough room to reach their full height.

    Also, note that in the first year, don't trim over one-third of the plant. 


    If you're a fan of the French seasoning, Herbes de Provence, then a summer savory would complete your garden. It adds a peppery taste that's usually added to bean dishes.

    Summer savory sprouts and matures quickly in warm weather, but plant it in sandy soil coupled with organic matter to make sure it flourishes. Feel free to trim some herbs whenever you need them; there's no need to wait. 

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