Rosemary Plants

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    Rosemary makes for an excellent gift for friends or yourself, whether you’re an avid herb lover or a rookie gardener. This evergreen plant carries a distinct minty and woody flavor and bears brilliant blue flowers that give off a piney fragrance. 

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    All About Rosemary Plants

    Rosemary is an edible perennial herb commonly used in seasoning meat, fish, vegetables, bread and soups. Its leaves can be consumed fresh, dried or as tea. This attractive herb also grows upright and blooms profusely, making it a popular ornamental addition to landscaping projects. 

    Native to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Rosemary grows well in warm climates and can tolerate dry and fairly humid conditions. It is also tough and low maintenance, able to resist insects, pests, diseases and even deer. 

    Rosemary grows best under bright light. If you have a potted plant, moving them to a sunny location outside your home in summer is a good practice. However, your Rosemary should be brought indoors in the colder months as it can’t survive temperatures below 30 degrees.  

    Finally, Rosemary plants may be tough, but they can succumb to overwatering easily. This is the most common cause of death among these herbs, so allow the soil to dry out before watering again. 

    Health Benefits of Rosemary

    Need more reasons to check out Rosemary plants for sale? You’re in for a treat; this herb carries not only fragrant and flavorful but also incredibly healthy. 

    The carnosic and rosmarinic acids present in Rosemary are shown to have antibacterial and antiviral properties. Regular consumption can lower the risks of infection and boost the immune system. Rosemary is also rich in phytochemicals essential in fighting disease and maintaining overall health. 

    Taking Care of Rosemary Plants

    Rosemary plant care is pretty easy, and following these tips can make growing your herb more manageable: 

    1. Water evenly throughout its growing season while avoiding overwatering. 
    2. Fertilization is not entirely essential, but using a balanced fertilizer during spring can help spur plant growth. 
    3. Trim the shrub regularly to keep it from becoming lanky. 
    4. Bring your potted Rosemary indoors in the winter to enjoy fresh herbs, but make sure to place it in spaces with bright light and protect it from cold drafts. 
    5. Get cuttings from grown plants to start new Rosemary shrubs. They can be produced from seeds, but germination rates are generally low. 

    Harvesting Best Practices 

    Ready to enjoy your Rosemary? Take note of these points to harvest while keeping your plant happy and healthy: 

    1. Use sharp pruners to snip off stems. Don’t pull or tug on the branches. 
    2. For the freshest taste, harvest young stems and leaves. 
    3. Avoid cutting your Rosemary close to the hard and woody base; doing so will hinder its growth. 
    4. Take only the tender part at the top of the stem and harvest no more than one-third of the plant at any one time. This helps ensure your Rosemary grows back and stays healthy. 

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