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    Herb Plants For Sale

    Ready-to-plant herb seedlings are an easy way to start a garden. Herbs are among the most straightforward plants to grow, making them ideal for beginner gardeners. Depending on your gardening goals, you can choose culinary herbs, aromatic herbs, herbs that flourish in the shade and more.

    Wondering where to buy herb plants? Look no further than The Grower’s Exchange. We are passionate about growing the finest quality and selection of herbs. Our selection includes 170 unpatented varieties, so you may freely plant, cultivate and share your herbs with loved ones.

    More About Our Herb Plants for Sale

    We want our customers to discover the joy of herb gardening. In line with this goal, we only sell and ship plants that are healthy, flourishing and 100% ready to be transplanted. We also provide hardiness zone and care instructions, as well as access to gardening, herb care and planting resources.

    Some of the herbs we offer are:

    Medicinal Plants

    Medicinal herbs are plants that have therapeutic properties. They have been used in traditional medicine since ancient times. Some medicinal herbs we carry are:


    Culinary Plants

    Nothing beats fresh herbs when it comes to imparting flavor and aroma to a dish. Our culinary herb selection includes:

    *Italian Parsley

    Rare and Exotic Herbs

    Add variety to your garden and new flavors to your cooking with our selection of lesser-known herbs. These include:

    *Rau Ram or Vietnamese Coriander
    *Clary Sage
    *Bronze Fennel

    Aromatic Herbs

    These plants are known for their fragrance, but most have other uses, such as cooking and traditional medicine. This is why aromatic herbs are an excellent addition to any indoor, outdoor, or container garden. Our aromatic plants include:

    *Lemon Verbena
    *Attar of Rose Scented Geranium
    *Hill Hardy Rosemary
    *German Chamomile

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Should I purchase herbs as plants instead of seeds?

    A: When deciding between herb plants and seeds, consider the following factors:

      1. Your gardening experience
      2. Convenience
      3. Cost

    Generally, starting herbs from seed is cheaper than purchasing seedlings. However, growing from seeds is more challenging and takes longer than transplanting a healthy herb plant. Additionally, if you are new to gardening, herb plants may be a good option, as they are easier to care for than seeds.

    If you’re wondering where to buy herb plants, you can turn to us at The Grower’s Exchange. We proudly offer healthy herb plants for sale.

    Q: Can I grow herbs in pots or containers?

    A: Yes, definitely. Herbs are hardy and versatile, able to grow nearly anywhere with a little bit of care. You can grow herbs in plastic or clay pots, planter boxes, fabric pots and just about any container as long as it has drainage holes at the bottom.

    Q: What are some beginner-friendly herbs I can grow?

    A: Herb plants are fairly easy to grow, especially when compared with growing herbs from seed. However, some herbs are even more beginner-friendly than others. If you’re a novice at gardening, you can try planting the following:

    *Mint: Keep in mind that mint can spread quickly throughout a garden. Some gardeners control the growth of this herb by planting them in containers.

    *Thyme: This herb is hardy and drought-tolerant, growing well even with minimal care.

    *Basil: This plant grows quickly, so you can harvest its leaves soon after planting. It loves full sun and well-drained soil.

    Q: Can I plant different kinds of herbs together?

    A: Yes. Many herbs thrive even when they’re planted in the same container or garden bed as other herbs. The practice of planting various types of herbs together is called “companion planting.”
    For best results, choosing herb varieties with similar needs regarding sunlight, water and soil conditions is essential. The following are some examples of herbs that you can safely plant together.

    *Mediterranean Herbs: Some examples are sage, rosemary, lavender, marjoram, thyme and oregano. These herbs prefer arid soil and flourish in the sun.

    *Moisture-loving Herbs: These include basil, parsley and lemon balm. These plants do best in slightly moist, not soaked, soil.

    *Lemon-scented Herbs: Herbs like lemon verbena, lemon balm and lemon thyme typically require full or partial shade, moderate watering and well-draining soil. An added plus of planting these together is the refreshing fragrance they produce.

    Q: Can herbs be grown indoors?

    A: Yes. Starting an indoor herb garden is a great way to access fresh herbs year-round, even in cold climates. All you need are a sunny spot for your herbs, soil with good drainage and enough water to keep the soil moist but not soaked.

    All of our plants are GMO-free, naturally grown herb plants! (Read more about Our Growing PracticeWe sell live plants that are well-rooted in a standard 3.25" pot. To help with your search check out our collections to help find the perfect plant! Culinary, Medicinal, AromaticFlowering, and many more Collections on the "Shop By" menu!

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