Get Growing Again

    It's Time to Get Growing Again

    We love gardening in the fall, and our first step is to clean up our beds: cut back, trim, clean out dead foliage and trim off dead flower heads. Once we can see clearly, you can see what may be missing. Do you need to:

    • Fill in
    • Replace
    • Rework

    Give yourself a moment to think about ‘what is next’ for your garden or your containers. The 3 P’s:

    • Plan
    • Prepare
    • Plant

    The planning part is your chance to create YOUR garden. Do you want to add more COLOR or perhaps you want more KITCHEN HERBS. Some of us have been victims of hungry wildlife that have used our gardens as a salad bar; it time to plant a DEER RESISTANT garden. And remember, herbs are a wonderful addition to your garden beds – they look great when planted among perennials, shrubs and small trees.

    With over 180 herbs to choose from this spring, we want to be your source for farm fresh herbs. We also want to help you grow a better garden this spring, so we are here to help. Our Customer Support Team got together and came up with the 'Top 8 Most Common Mistakes' that they see each season. We thought we'd share with you so that you can avoid them! We want you to have SUCCESS with our plants, and we are here to help! 

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