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    You don’t need to have a koala as a reason to add eucalyptus to your garden. Known for their menthol fragrance and unique plant colors, eucalyptus plants are great for aesthetics, aromatherapy, and other uses. They’re very low-maintenance indoor plants that can grow up to 36 inches long and are best in pet-free environments. Outdoors, they can grow into trees as high as 60 feet tall.

    Those searching for a eucalyptus plant for sale as a decorative indoor plant or outdoor tree growth can find healthy variants at The Growers Exchange. Eucalyptus plants generally need full sunlight exposure to grow, though indoor plants only need a minimum of six hours of sunlight to survive while stunting their growth. Choose a eucalyptus plant for sale between our variants:

    • Lemon Bush Eucalyptus: An Australian native plant, its scent is less minty and more citrusy and has a more pungent lemon scent than most lemon herb varieties. Watch its leaves and stems turn red in the fall to contrast its delicate white flowers.

    • Baby Blue Eucalyptus: An evergreen plant that, in outdoor conditions, turns into a sprawling shrub in your garden. This variant is the perfect addition for those who love the scent of eucalyptus, as its flowers and waxy leaves make the scent last longer. 

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    The Growers Exchange is your reliable source to find a eucalyptus plant for sale that you can have indoors or outdoors. We deliver healthy plants to your doorstep, ready to thrive in your home’s natural environment.

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