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First, enter your zip code to find your hardiness zone. Then scroll to the shipping schedule to find when we will ship to your zone!


When Do We Ship?

FALL 2020 Shipping Schedule:

(Orders placed AFTER May 31, 2020)


Shipping Begins


Shipping Now!

               Ships within: 7-10 business days                                 


Shipping Now!

               Ships within: 7-10 business days      


Shipping Now!

               Ships within: 7-10 business days    


Shipping Now!

               Ships within: 7-10 business days    


Check out our handy blog post for more information explaining plant hardiness zones & why they are important.

When will my plants ship? 

It is our goal to ship plants at just the right time for your particular area. Some of our plants can ship nearly year round, while others require specific timing in order to achieve ideal growth. We do encourage customers to order early to ensure that you get just what you want: first come, first served!

We will check your zone, check the weather and ship when it is safe. In general, Fall shipping begins early August through Thanksgiving, weather permitting. Spring shipping begins in Early March  through Early June, weather permitting.

There are some plants that are more sensitive to extremes in temperature, therefore these ship dates may not apply in cases when ordering these plants.

Please Note: 'Shipping Begins' dates are approximate based on the previous year's shipping schedule. Actual dates are subject to change with weather conditions including temperatures in your area as well as ours.
We avoid shipping plants toward the end of the week, this will prevent  your package from sitting in a shipping warehouse over the weekend. Any orders that come in at the end of the week will be shipped the following week, regardless of the method chosen.

Spring 2021 Shipping Schedule 

Zone Shipping Begins
8+ Early March 2021

End March/ Early April 2021


Mid/Late April 2021

5 Early/Mid May 2021
4 End of May 2021





When is your last frost?

 Your Zone Your Lowest Temperature (F) Your Last Frost Free Date
10 30 to 40+ February
9 20 to 30 Early March
8 10 to 20 Early April
7 0 to 10 Late April
6 -10 to 0 Mid May
5 -20 to -10 Late May
4 -30 to -20 Early June
3 -40 to -30 Mid June

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