Growing Herbs Indoors

    For many of us, nights are beginning to cool and our herbs are beginning to slow down. Some have already ‘gone to seed’. Here in Zone 7, we still have a lot of herbs that are thriving in our test gardens. In fact, some are doing better in the cooler temperatures than in the heat of the summer. However, we know what is coming ~ if last winter is any indication, we better start preparing!

    What that means for us is to transition indoors. Although we do have many perennial herbs that will ‘weather the weather’, that means that they will be going dormant. No fresh thyme or parsley or rosemary all winter. No refreshing aroma of lavender or patchouli to get us through the long winter days. At least not in the garden, but we can grow many of our favorites indoors.

    An indoor herb garden allows you to enjoy the flavor and fragrance of fresh herb plants year round. A few pots of herb plants on your kitchen windowsill will always be at hand to add herbal zest to your cooking, and to remind you of warmer days to come. Your indoor herb garden could begin with a simple collection of parsley, chives and oregano. Or, you can create imaginative groupings of herb plants for window boxes and hanging baskets. The variety of leaf textures and growth habits present and endless array of possibilities.

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