Herb Gardening Advice

    Herb Growing All Year
    If you have spent over 20 years growing plants, chances are you've grown a lot of different types. At The Growers Exchange, we started with annuals. We filled our greenhouses with geraniums of all colors -it was what the market demanded. There were no "Proven...

    Top 8 Most Common Mistakes Customers Make
    Our Customer Support Team got together and came up with the 'Top 8 Most Common Mistakes' that they see each season. We thought we'd share with you so that you can avoid them! We want you to have SUCCESS with our plants, and we are here to help!...

    Lavender Fields Forever!
    Lavender Fields Forever "Lavender" brings to mind both a color and an aroma. The genus name, Lavendula, comes from the Latin word, lavare , meaning "to wash". Lavender has been used as a perfuming agent since ancient times. It experienced a brief hiatus during the Dark...

    Mints in the Garden
    Mints are found throughout the world, but the center of their distribution is in the Mediterranean. In Greek mythology, Pluto was attracted to Minthe. When his wife, Persephone, discovered his transgressions, she transformed poor Minthe into the herb.

    Rosemary Plants
    Although I have not given up my love affair with Sweet Basil , my attentions have recently turned to anther - rosemary . Rosmarinus officinalis, a member of the mint family, is a wonderful culinary herb with an impressive background. This herb has had an important role in...

    The Beauty of Basil
    Of all the herbs we grow at The Growers Exchange, basil is by far the most popular. Its distinctive flavor adds zest to tomato dishes, salads and many other foods. A warm season annual, it grows four to six feet in height. To grow basil outdoors, transplant small plants to a sunny...

    The Noble Bay
    The noble bay leaf has a history like no other herb. Legend and myth surrounded it...

    Thymes to Plant
    Thymus is a genus of over 400 species of aromatic hardy and non-hardy perennials with very small, fragrant leaves and twiggy stems. Thymes are native to Mediterranean Europe, as far as the British Isles. These wonderful herbs have long been cultivated for....

    Lemon Scented Herbs
    In the heat of summer, anything that is remotely cooling is welcome. In the fall, a cup of tea flavored with lemon mint is a treat. Lemon scented or flavored herbs are always welcome...

    Growing Chives is Easy
    For a wonderfully delicate onion flavor, you must grow chives. Chives, Allium schoenoprasum, are both easy to grow and wonderful to consume!

    Angelica - Herb of the Angels
    Angelica archangelica, referred to as 'herb of the angels' in the sixteenth century, is a biennial herb that will usually die in the second year of growth, after it has flowered and developed seeds.

    Bergamot - An American Herb
    Bergamot,also known as Scarlet Monarda or Bee Balm, is a lovely plant that is strongly scented with a wonderfully pleasant smell.

    Borage - A Perfect Flowering Herb
    Borage is a sturdy herb with a fresh, cucumber scent and the most intense blue flowers that are star-shaped and hand in clusters.

    Herbs De Provence
    Herbes de Provence, or Provencial herbs, is a traditional blend of aromatic herbs that flourish in hills of southern France during the hot summer months.

    Grow Your Own: Bouquet Garni
    The term, bouquet garni, is French for "garnished bouquet" is a bundle of herbs usually tied together with string; the bouquet is boiled with the other ingredients, but is removed prior to consumption.

    Hints for Healthy Indoor Herbs!
    As you move your herbs indoors for the winter, there are a few general rules of thumb to consider.

    Growing Herbs In Pots
    Herbs provide a quiet and exquisite poetry, even in the most contained situations.

    Fall is the BEST Time to Grow Herbs!
    Spring is over, and we're getting to the last month of summer. What Now?

    Herbs in the Landscape
    We tend to forget to appreciate herbs in our garden, focusing mainly on the end product- their flavor. So what does an herb offer for your landscape?

    Creating An Indoor Aromatic Herb Oasis
    It’s a proven fact that certain scents can soothe our minds, trigger memories and even help prevent depression, and many of these powerful perfumes come from herb plants.

    The Ultimate Guide to Lemongrass
    Fragrant plants are among the most prized botanicals and are widely cultivated all over the world. Of all the aromatic plants and herbs, lemongrass is one of the oldest and best loved. It has a range of benefits that medicinal and culinary herb gardeners should know about. Any gardener interested in adding some excitement to a vegetable garden should take a closer look at what lemongrass has to offer.

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