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    Lavender Plants for Sale on The Growers Exchange

    Beautiful and fragrant, lavender adds color to any garden. During the summer, this perennial plant blooms gorgeous foliage and flowers that leave a calming fragrance in the area. 

    When planted in sunny and well-drained areas, lavenders can thrive and attract butterflies and other pollinators to your garden. Choose from a variety of lavender plants for sale that can meet your aesthetic and level of maintenance:

    Hidcote Lavender: Also known as English lavender, this variant sports deep purple flowers and has a long-lasting scent. Keep this plant under sunlight and in dry soil to add a stunning addition to your garden that can be used for culinary and aromatic purposes.

    Grosso Lavender: Hardier and more durable than the average lavender plant, it sports a rounder appearance. Since they don’t produce seeds, you can only have this variant in your garden through cuttings or by buying healthy Grosso lavender plants for sale.

    Munstead Lavender: These lavender blue flowers have a sweet aroma that attracts bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. The munstead lavender is one of the two varieties best for medicinal use. 

    Phenomenal Lavender: A durable variant that can handle harsh winters and more humid areas. A great addition to your garden if you want to harvest its essential oils for aromatherapy. 

    Provence Lavender: Best known for its buds that are popular for potpourri. A fast grower for your garden, this variant thrives in dry locations with its drought-tolerant properties. 

    Goodwin Creek Grey Lavender: One of the easier variants to grow, it can be raised in your garden or for indoor pots near a well-lit window. For outdoor gardens, this lavender type is excellent for topiary shaping. 

    White Provence Lavender: For gardeners and enthusiasts who want more color in their garden, the white provence lavender contrasts with the purples and blues of other lavender varieties. 

    Healthy Thriving Lavender at The Growers Exchange

    The Growers Exchange offers lavender plants for sale and other herb plants that go perfectly with any garden. Order your plants online today to have healthy lavender plants ready to plant in your garden with the rest of your herbs.

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