Herbs as a House Warming Gift

    Herb Gardens Make A Great House Warming Gift

    For the most of us, purchasing a home is one of life's most significant events. It's one of the reasons a new house is a such a cause for celebration. Many, though, do not get creative enough when it comes to house warming gifts. A bottle of wine, a cheese grater or a toaster - all of these have been a part of "typical house warming gifts" list, and, aside from a bottle of wine, which can always find use, such gifts are often undesirable to the new house's owners. If you do not want to fall out of favor with your friends you may want to consider herb garden gift as a unique alternative. It will not only stand out among all of the generic gifts at a party; what makes it a great house warming gift is that it will keep growing and truly warming the house.

    A Better Choice

     Since herbs grow beautifully not just outdoors, but also indoors, giving an herb garden gift to city-dweller with a new apartment is the best way to get an urbanite interested in gardening. Indoor herb gardens make a great addition to anyone's kitchen, and those interested in gourmet cooking will most likely appreciate your gift and your thoughtfulness. Also, as culinary arts is not the only application for herbs, herb garden gift could entice your friend to learn about herbs' medicinal powers. And if a new house owner is an organic foods enthusiast, what could be a better present than an herb garden gift that allows one to have fresh, organic herbs in one's own kitchen?

    A scent of lavender in one's bedroom or a savory meal hinted with rosemary or basil on one's stove - herbs' versatility and stunning blooms make them a treat for our senses. You can not go wrong with bringing an herb garden gift to a house warming party, and you can find the best selection of herb garden gifts at The Growers Exchange.

    Take a Look At Our Selection

     At The Growers Exchange, we use all of our herbs to create original and artistic gifts that are sure to please anyone. Know a friend who recently went to Italy and is now enamored with the country's culture and cooking? Then you may want to consider our "Mama Mia" herb garden gift, which includes herbs such as Italian parsley, oregano, chives and rosemary. If you are looking for an herb garden gift that is not only useful, but also colorful, the "Lavender Fields" gift set answers that specification.

    Lavender is known not just for its calming qualities, this herb can be used in cooking as well. And it blooms so beautifully, you may want to get one of these gift sets for your own living room! Obviously, herb garden gifts should not be limited to human recipients. "The Cat Meow" gift set provides everything you cat would ever need: aromatic catnip, cat grass and catmint, which will satisfy even the pickiest of felines. Aside from including herb seeds, potting soil, a pot and planting instructions, each gift set contains a special item that goes with the gift's overall theme. The gift arrives in a custom gift box with a big bright bow and include a gift card, if requested.
    When it comes to making a choice on a house warming gift, be bold and opt for a "green gift" which will continue to give to its owner and be an eyeful for any visitor. Check out the wide selection of herb garden kit choices that The Growers Exchange has to offer and feel free to ask for help picking the right gift.

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