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Culinary Herb Plants

You don't have to be a "Top Chef" or a master gardener to successfully grow and enjoy fresh culinary herbs. No matter how much or how little space you have, there is always room to grow fresh culinary herbs for your kitchen. Wonderful container plants for kitchen windows or balconies, and a necessity in your garden outdoors, fresh herbs add tons of flavor to your favorite dish. Whatever your needs, The Growers Exchange can fill them with the many kitchen herb plants we grow each season. If you are looking for the perfect ingredients for Bouquet Garni or the real mint in Mojitos, shop our virtual garden center and use these kitchen herbs year round.


Please Note: We sell plants, NOT seeds. Our plants are big, healthy, well rooted and ready to plant - our standard pot is 3.5 inches. We do not ship our plants until they are ROOT READY. They will have good top growth unless they are coming in or out of dormancy. We grow all of our plants to the point that they are ready to go into the ground or container.

Chives $7.95
Bay Trees $19.95
Chervil $7.95
Stevia $7.95
Epazote $7.95
Arugula $6.95
Hyssop $7.95
Turmeric $12.95
Za'atar $7.95
Cilantro $6.95
Salad Burnet Sold Out

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