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    I just wanted to thank you for my beautiful plants! I wanted a Passion Flower so bad, I found your site and ordered right away. I also ordered Lavender Grosso and Strawberry fields.The Passion Flower is about 12 ft long and has 22 flower buds! All the plants are strong and sturdy, they came so well packaged. I am so impressed. I had never seen Strawberry Fields before, I love it. It just keeps growing and blooming. My plants came during a heat wave and it didn't seem to bother them one bit. I don't do fall planting, but you will hear from me in the early spring.

    Joy B. | Kentucky

    Thank you for the healthy plants. They arrived in great shape and at just the best time to plant.

    Linda H. | Tennessee

    Thank you so much! I just got my order! Love the plants! the got here in good shape!

    Piedad | New Jersey

    The plants arrived better than expected. You guys do a great job. You are head and shoulders above everyone else.

    John G. | Pennsylvania

    Received 3 Sweet Woodruff . They were beautiful. Thanks for sending them at appropriate plant time for zone 5. Very pleased...will order from The Growers Exchange in the future! Happy gardening!

    Rosanne S. | New York

    Just wanted to send you a message and let you know that my lavender arrived last Friday and I was so impressed with the packaging and the lavender looked great! I was a little concerned with one of the boxes as it looked like a baby gorilla had handled it. It came pretty banged up from UPS. I've had issues with UPS and FedEx from other deliveries in the past. They can be a little rough sometimes. Aside from the top row lavender being slightly rough housed - caved down, they seemed to be doing well and I couldn't be happier with product. I will definitely be ordering from you in the future and recommending Growers Exchange to all my green-thumbers.Have a wonderful day and keep up the amazing work!

    Anthony P. | Michigan

    LOVED my plants. Beautiful packaging, beautiful plants! You have certainly made a new friend! Wonderful stuff. And the catalog has me drooling. Thanks so much!

    Nancy | Oklahoma

    My order just arrived. What gorgeous plants! So carefully packed! I can't wait to get the plants in the ground tomorrow morning. I am looking forward to placing my next order with you.

    Lindy S. | Iowa

    Just wanted to let you know my plants arrived in very good condition and that they have been planted and pampered within 2 hours of arrival. They look content . Thanks so much and I will be back for more later.

    Cheryl J. | Arkansas

    I have just opened my order (two heliotrope and two lavender) and I wanted to tell you how delighted I was with the care you put into the packaging. I have ordered from White Flower farm for ages and not one plant arrived in the sterling condition as your did. I'm impressed and will spread the word. Thank you.

    Marian H. | Ohio

    I received my order today and I am beyond pleased with my order. The plants arrived in wonderful condition and the quality is outstanding! I will definitely be ordering again soon.

    Nicole J. | Missouri

    Thank you for sending great herbs and plants. Your packaging was terrific, all plants arrived alive. Thank you so very much, I will definitely order from you again.I will recommend you to my gardening friends.

    Karen S. | Minnesota

    My sister and her husband LOVED all the plants they received. They raved about the packing of the plants and how beautiful the plants were.Thank you so much for making her birthday gift a wonderful EXPERIENCE.

    Delsie R. | Florida

    I received my babies today and I was soooooooo impressed with your packaging this year!!! The plants were lovingly packed. They taped the plastic wrapping around the base of the pot and the specimens were magnificent this year as well. They were very healthy and full and well cared for. Even the shipping did not seem to phase them this year! Keep up the GREAT work!!!!

    E. Holl | New York

    I received all my plants today. Thank you very much for all the care you took in growing them and sending them to me in good condition.Thank you

    R. Alexander | New York

    I got my order of herbs Friday. All 5 were well packed and in good order. I did soak them overnight, but I don't really think it was necessary. They were in great shape. Planted them out on Saturday and they are doing great. No shock at all. VERY satisfied!

    Michael | Oklahoma

    Dear Friends at THE GROWER’S EXCHANGE, Thank you so very much for shipping according to the zone and the current climate within that zone. You are the best seller of quality plants beautifully packaged for delivery. I ordered a few things from another seller who sent the plants way too early, and when they arrived, they were in such sad shape from the low temperatures of a brutal cold spell that I could not revive them. There was no offer for a refund when I called to express my dismay. I have learned my lesson, and I will only order from YOU! Thank you for being who you are!

    Paul | Virginia

    My best friend received her birthday gift of the herbs and loved it so much, her husband is getting her a greenhouse so she can enjoy all year round. I may have to order her a few little lavender.

    S. Bartosik | South Carolina

    Thank you soooo much!; I got the shipment today and all are perfect!; I left you a message, but I wanted to put it in writing! You guys are terrific!

    S. Smith | Tennessee

    I think the Cilantro will be fine. As you can see there is new growth. Thank you for the awesome customer service.

    S. Tyler | California

    The second time everything arrived in great shape. Even the original feverfew plants are coming back. 3 of the other original plants are trying. I can believe what you say about your plants having great roots. My plants are doing really well in my garden. Thanks so much for your prompt attention and help. I look forward to ordering from you again!

    W. Gardana | Florida

    The herbs are big healthy plants that exceed my expectation. I'll do my best to assure that they have found a good home! Thank you.

    M.F. Lemke | Georgia

    Thank you for the refund code. I have just placed my replacement order and wanted to thank you again for your great customer service. I hope the plants won't swerve through that mysterious freezer in the sky, but we have been having several spring-like days in a row, so, I'm hoping the rest of the country is following suit.Happy growing season, and I am sure I'll be "seeing" you again (for future orders, not replacement ones!).

    J. Carter | Texas

    Thank you very much for replacing this order. I received my plants today, and they are all looking good. Minus some normal wear and tear and stress, they are healthy. I cannot express enough what it means for you all to stand by your guarantee and help a customer out. Thank you again!!

    K. Smith | Texas

    Another rare find in cultuvation, I was very happy when I found this French Tarragon plant being offered and had to get one! Plant was a little small to start, but I underestimated it's potential to really grow! I repotted it into a rich organic soil, and dry it out a touch between waterings kind of how I treat my lavender, and it has grown 3 or 4 times bigger! It loves the sun I notice, and the leaves smell great! I can't wait to try in a recipe. Thanks Growers Exchange!

    Daniel | North Scituate, RI

    I expected tiny plants but instead I received a box filled with large green mojhito mint plants! I estimate that The plants were between 1 and 2 feet tall. (I'm European so I'd say 40cm average) . Have placed them planted them inside a pallet wall and the are thriving well. Will definitely order from this seller again! (And I don't like writing reviews but I just have to support a company that grows and delivers these beautiful products.) Also ordered a bunch of lemon grass and are looking healthy.

    Kristine | Brooklyn, NY

    Planted Lantana Ham and Eggs in the spring and just love it. The colors of the flowers are beautiful and it's a prolific grower, really filled in the spot. Have cut it back several times away from my air conditioner and it doesn't negatively affect the plant. Am looking forward to next spring to see how it weathers our NE winters.

    Kathy | Philadelphia, PA

    Planted Russian Sage for the first time in the spring and it's doing great. Love the light purple blooms. Would recommend this plant for the interest it gives your garden.

    Kathy | Philadelphia, PA

    Mojito is one of the hottest mints in cultivation right now, sought after by bartenders and restaurants and drink drinkers. ;) My plants showed up very well established, plenty of leaves to spare for cocktails, and have grown tremendously! I keep my mints in pots (for obvious reasons) in good sun with rich organic matter and it couldn't get any easier to grow a plant than mint. Thanks again!

    Daniel | North Scituate, RI

    I bought Pineapple Sage a few years ago and every year since it ends up in my garden. The first year I planted it I was amazed at the color it brought to the garden in the fall. It smells wonderful and is so beautiful. I have had many compliments.

    Mary Kay | Halifax, PA

    Yesterday received a package with so many beautiful plants. Lemon grass seems healthy. First growing attempt for me. So will have to see how it goes but grower did well. Packaging was AMAZING!!!!!! No plants damaged.

    Kristine | Brooklyn, NY

    Normally I don't trust mail order, however, my four Tarragon plants arrived beautifully. I put them in the ground as soon as I could and they are thriving well. ALL of them. I had ordered other kinds of plants from other suppliers before, and usually lose half of them. Not so with Growers Exchange. Thank you.

    Jean | Valencia, CA

    Include a favorite customer quote or feedback heaThese plants are great. They came well packaged and ready to use. Can tell that great care was taken while processing for delivery.re.

    Adam | Lorain, OH

    Was so excited to receive the 10 swamp sunflower plants as I tried the previous year to sow seeds directly into the ground with no luck. I live in a coastal area and am surrounded by wetlands and I'm very much looking forward to growing these amazing plants. I will be putting them into the ground soon and I'm happy to update this review. But the plants came to me packaged well and they look super healthy and are growing nicely!

    Barbara | Hayes, VA

    My Valerian plants arrived in time for spring planting and were packed so well the soil was still moist when they arrived and there was virtually no wilting. Beautiful, hardy plants that started growing new leaves just three days after planting. Thank you for outstanding service and beautiful plants. This was my first order with the growers Exchange, but it will certainly not be the last!

    Dawn | South Carolina

    When I ordered, I didn't know if my plant would arrive with 1-3 leaves on it & I would have to wait a few months before I would see another leaf. Instead, the plant I received was full of leaves & maybe it's my imagination, but it seems like in the past week or two, it has grown an inch or two & has pushed out at least 6 more leaves! I am so happy with my plant!

    Schmidt | Metairie, LA

    The plant arrived in good condition. It has only been a six weeks and the Buddleia has many blossoms ready to open. This is going to grow into a beautiful bush. Growers exchange delivers healthy plants in good condition. Thanks!

    Yvonne | Morriston, FL

    I ordered 3 plants in September 2015 and they are producing wonderfully well. Delicious like little bites of candy! I am anxious to see how the survive a south Texas summer though, that is the hardest part is our zone 9b heat. I will update and the end of the summer.

    Robin | Texas

    I am Lithuanian and needed a rue plant for my wedding in the middle of March, so was very happy to find this site that sells live rue plants. The guys at growers exchange were very caring and made sure both I and the plants I ordered were happy. We negotiated the best shipping date considering weather changes and my pre-wedding schedule, and the custom amount of plants. Two pots of rues came very nicely packed to keep them safe though all the trip. I used some leaves for my wedding wreath and the planted the rest of the plants. They look so pretty on the patio! Thank you guys. You made our special day even more special.

    Ausra | Richmond, VA

    I just wanted to THANK YOU! I purchased Moonflower Plants from you this spring. My Mother's plants bloomed over 75+ times. They were gorgeous! I will definitely be ordering from you again!

    Sharon | New York

    WOW!!! My plants just arrived and they are in FANTASTIC condition. The foliage is green and lush and the roots are fully developed. Actually, they look every bit as good - or better - than plants I buy locally in the Spring. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    Judith | Virginia

    You guys are the bessstttest. Thanks so much for the special gift, you did it!!!!! Everything is wrapped so nicely. The gift counts, but also the presentation. The bottles with the herbs are so awesome, with the spoon on the side. Aweeeessoommmme. Will see you all in the spring for the herbs.

    Marjorie | Pennsylvania

    Thanks for my recent order. It was packed nice and tight. Plants were really nice. Got them planted and covered with pine needles for the fall. Hope to see them burst out this Spring! Like the way you do business.

    Hebert | Kentucky

    Just wanted to send a few words of appreciation regarding my previous purchase... the plants arrived in exceptional condition and all have thrived. I purchased (herb) plants from 2 other sources at the same time as from The Growers Exchange - all grown in the same soil/container - and only 1/2 from each have survived. Lesson learned. Will definitely be a return loyal customer based on that alone. Thank you for providing a QUALITY product! Hard to find this day and age.

    Mary | Maryland

    I thought I’d give you all a plug from my gardening in OK forum. I hope you get some good business from them!Speaking of plants. Growers Exchange. I thought I should give them a good plug. The plants arrived from them so beautifully packed and in such good condition. They are my new friends! And oh my gosh is their little catalog awesome. It SAYS herbs, but what an amazing variety of plants qualify as herbs. :) Have any of you ordered from them? Better check em out. . .

    Nancy | Oklahoma

    Received my order and am VERY pleased! Everything looks excellent except for the bay tree. It's not quite as happy as the other plants. But I've transplanted it and looking forward to full recovery. Thank you for a GREAT online shopping experience!

    Patty | Georgia

    I received my plants today and I would like to thank you for such healthy looking plants. Needless to say, I am well pleased. My plants are in the ground smiling at the world. Thank you for being such a great company.

    Sara | South Carolina

    So very pleased that the sweet woodruff arrived here yesterday and all in good health! Thank you for rushing our delivery so we had the plants in time for out interpretive event this weekend. We are featuring waldmeister flavor in our Riesling wine - Maiwein for Maifest. Again thank you. Others here who saw the plants and asked the source intend to order on the basis of our recent arrival. No doubt we will be doing more business.

    Cindy | Missouri

    Just 4 of Your Great plants. Great shipping and they do not stop multiplying peppers.

    John | South Carolina

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