Top 8 Most Common Mistakes Customers Make

    Our Customer Support Team got together and came up with the ' Top 8 Most Common Mistakes' that they see each season. We thought we'd share with you so that you can avoid them! We want you to have SUCCESS with our plants, and we are here to help!

    • #1 Mistake: Over or under watering: in general, plants like to dry out between waterings. However, if they are stressed by under watering, and then flooded, they will not thrive. They need a regular routine of watering based on their particular needs. An over watered plant will turn yellow, and in many cases, the foliage and roots will rot leaving a slimy mess.
    • #2 Mistake: Poor Soil: one glance at a photo can show the condition of the soil. In particular, hard packed or clay soil with no amendments. In this type of soil, the roots cannot spread out. They are too constricted by the soil. If you are using poor soil, in general, the plants have no nutrients to use to thrive. Creating a good soil is easy, and it's vital to your success.
    • #3 Mistake: Too little light (particularly indoor growing): the plants are deprived of sunlight, so they begin to yellow. The growth is spindly, and they will grow towards any bit of light they can find, so they growth is actually leaning in.
    • #4 Mistake: Leaving plants in the original containers: our system auto-dates photos, so we can tell when the photo was actually taken. There have been instances where a customer hasn't transplanted for weeks, and the plants are stressed or dead. They need to be transplanted within a few days of arrival. Ditto on unpacking the box - must be done immediately upon arrival.
    • #5 Mistake: Improper transplant: the roots need to be 'disturbed' a bit, the hole dug deeper and wider than the root ball, and make sure that you cover the roots when you plant them. They must be covered, but remember not to put so much soil around the plant that you smother the stem.
    • #6 Mistake: Planting a stressed herb: if your plant is obviously damaged or stressed, please don't plant expecting it to revive. We are always here to help, so in the event that you are concerned about it, get in touch asap.
    • #7 Mistake: Ignoring our hardiness zones: we provide you with enough information on each plant, so if you plant Lemon Grass outside in Wisconsin in the fall, you have ignored our recommendations and the plant will die! Please make sure that you understand YOUR ZONE and the specifics of your plant.
    • #8 Mistake: Crowding plants: these plants need room to grow, both in the garden and in a container. It's important to understand their mature size, and plant accordingly!

    We say this because we mean this: we want you to have success with our plants. The plants are ready to GROW when they arrive, but you need to do your part to help them along. Please make yourself familiar with their particular needs and if you follow our instructions, you'll be rewarded with happy and healthy and productive plants!