Savory 'Winter'

Zones: 5-9
Exposure: Full Sun
Mature Size: 12"H x 12"S
Bloom: White, Summer
Pot Size: 3.25”
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Product Features

  • Culinary
  • Aroma
  • Winter Savory Plants

    Satureja montana

    Winter Savory, like its Summer counterpart, is a spicy culinary herb from the Mint family that compliments fish, beans and poultry with its intense flavor. Though it loses some of this intensity during the cooking process, Winter Savory remains aromatic and is often used to flavor liqueurs and makes a beautiful garnish to any salad.

    Producing a bushier habit and woodier stem than the Summer Savory, Winter Savory grows well in substandard, rocky soil and requires little water. If given too rich a soil or too much water, it won't grow as strong and tends not to survive as well through colder temperatures.

    Though not used as often medicinally, Winter Savory is said to possess antiseptic, carminative and expectorant properties. Made into tea form, Winter Savory has been used to treat bronchial and digestive problems. Used externally, this herb's essential oils are said to be an instant relief to bee stings and bug bites and was also once used to treat arthritis and baldness.

    Also available in our four inch hand thrown Guy Wolff Greenhouse Pot. The aged finish of these classic terracotta pots will add style to your naturally beautiful plants! Whether it's a "thank you" for the hostess with the “mostest”, or a corporate Christmas gift, these potted herbs make the perfect gift.

  • Satureja montana

    Characteristics: Winter Savory is a perennial, hardy to at least zone 6. It has white/pink flowers and smaller, paler green leaves than its cousin Summer Savory.
    Light: Winter Savory will thrive in full sun.
    Water: Water when dry, but do not keep consistently wet. Winter Savory does not like 'wet feet.'
    Soil: Winter Savory will be just fine in sub-par soil, and actually prefers a bit of rockiness. Be sure to provide with plenty of drainage.
    Use: A deliciously spicy culinary herb, Winter Savory adds an aromatic flavor to many dishes. Also used medicinally for its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

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