Lantana 'Trailing Lavender'

    Zones: 9-11
    Exposure: Full to Part Sun
    Mature Size: 18"H x 36"S
    Bloom: Lavender, Summer-Fall
    Pot Size: 3.25”
    Availability: Ships in 7-10 Business Days
    • NON-GMO
    • Chimical free
    • 100% Guarantee
    • Deer Resistant
    • Container
    • Pollinator
    • Indoor
    • Butterfly
    • Drought
    • Trailing Lantana Plants For Sale

      Lantana Montevidensis

      Herb Growing Tips

      Light:  Full sun

      Temperature:  Hardiness Zones 9 -11

      Watering:  Moderate- Drought Tolerant

      Soil: Well-Drained soil is preferred

      Comments:  A light clipping of tip growth will encourage repeat blooming - taking a fourth of the growth every once and again will help the plant flush. If you lightly fertilize newly cut back plants, they will return to bloom quickly.

      Herb Description

      Lantana 'Trailing Lavender' is a trailing Lantana, also known as " Weeping Lantana". It is a lovely wide-spreading Lantana with clusters of purple flowers that cascade over the sides of pots and containers, or spread out as a wonderfully colorful ground cover. Trailing Lavender blooms from Spring to frost and is a beautiful butterfly magnet.
      Each bloom is about an inch across, and the dark green, textured leaves are pungently aromatic when crushed. This wonderful annual for sun is outstanding in the heat of the summer, or in areas where heat and humidity are a challenge to any gardener. A fast growing plant, 'Trailing Lavender' can spread more than three feet and is considered less invasive than its cousin varieties, the common Lantanas.
      Lantanas prefer a semi tropical climate with lots of sunshine. Perennial in hot, humid climates, Lantanas tend to be annual in more Northern zones.


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