Oregano 'Italian'

    Zones: 5-9
    Exposure: Full Sun
    Mature Size: 18"H x 24"S
    Bloom: White, Mid Summer
    Pot Size: 3.25”
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    • Chimical free
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    • Italian Oregano Plants for Sale

      Italian oregano is a flavorful culinary herb that is an attractive and valuable addition to any garden. Suitable for containers and pots, Italian oregano is easy to grow, making it an excellent option for beginner and experienced gardeners alike. At The Growers Exchange, we take pride in offering high-quality, healthy Italian oregano plants for sale. Read below to learn more about Italian oregano and for practical tips on Italian oregano plant care. 

      What is Italian Oregano?

      Despite its name, the Italian oregano plant likely originates from the Mediterranean. This perennial plant, scientifically known as Origanum majoricum, is a hybrid of oregano and marjoram. Both oregano and marjoram are members of the mint family, but they have distinct flavor profiles. 

      Italian oregano showcases the bold, spicy taste of oregano tempered with the sweetness of marjoram. This results in a milder-tasting culinary herb. When dried, Italian oregano is used to season various Greek and Italian dishes. 

      Appearance and Characteristics 

      The Italian oregano plant has soft, pale green, oval-shaped leaves that smell pleasantly of marjoram. However, deer find its scent unpleasant, and they also dislike the hairy texture and bitter flavor of its leaves, making it an excellent choice for a deer-resistant garden. 

      When Italian oregano blooms in midsummer, it produces tiny white flowers that attract pollinators like bees and butterflies. Italian oregano can reach up to 18 inches in height with a spread of 24 inches when fully grown. 

      Italian oregano is low-maintenance, adaptable, and thrives in most climates. These characteristics make it easy to care for, even for those with little experience in gardening. 

      Italian Oregano Plant Care: Growing Tips 

      Sun: Italian oregano is best suited for USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 5 through 9. This light-loving plant prefers full sun, so be sure to plant in a spot with ample sunshine. It grows equally well in containers and garden beds. When planting in beds, be sure to space plants at least 20 inches apart. 

      Soil: Choose soil that is well-drained and ideally somewhat gravely or rocky. 

      Water: The Italian oregano plant prefers dry to average moisture levels. It will not tolerate constant watering and die when left in standing water. Before you water your Italian oregano plant, feel the soil. Only proceed with watering if it's dry to the touch. Once it is established, this herb becomes drought-tolerant. 

      Fertilizer: Applying fertilizer once a month can keep your Italian oregano thriving, but be mindful that overdoing it can harm the plant. It's best to follow the instructions on the fertilizer package and adjust the frequency based on your soil conditions and the plant's needs.

      Pruning: If you plan on using your Italian oregano in cooking, prune or pinch it back to promote healthier growth and more flavorful leaves. This should be done every two to four weeks during the growing season. Additionally, pruning helps keep Italian oregano plants from looking leggy, which is essential for maintaining a neat and attractive appearance in your garden. 

      How to Harvest Italian Oregano 

      It's best to harvest your Italian oregano plant just before it begins to flower, as this is when the flavor in its leaves is most concentrated. The blooming season typically falls in mid-to-late summer, depending on the climate in your area. 

      Follow the steps below to harvest your Italian oregano. 

      1. Choose Your Tools: Use clean, sharp scissors or garden shears to ensure a clean cut.
      2. Select Stems: Pick healthy-looking, mature stems with leaves large enough to use in your dishes.
      3. Harvest Oregano: Cut stems approximately two to three inches from the base above a leaf node. This encourages regrowth for future harvests.

      How to Dry Italian Oregano

      Dried Italian oregano leaves are more commonly used in cooking than fresh. Try any of the methods below to dry your harvest.

      Hang-drying: Tie small bunches of oregano leaves together at the stem using twine or a rubber band. Then, hang them up to dry in a warm place with direct sunlight for two to six weeks. 

      Oven-drying: A faster way to dry Italian oregano is by using an oven. Place a layer of oregano sprigs on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Be careful not to overcrowd the sheet – there should be enough space for air to circulate. Preheat the oven to its lowest temperature setting or at least under 180 degrees Fahrenheit, then place the baking sheet on the center rack. Keep the oven door slightly open. Bake for two to four hours or until the leaves easily crumble in your hands.  

      Dehydrating: If you have a dehydrator, you can use it to dry Italian oregano leaves. Set it to its lowest temperature setting. Arrange oregano stems in a single layer per dehydrator tray. With this method, your Italian oregano will be dry and ready to use within six to 18 hours. 

      How to Store Fresh Italian Oregano 

      It's best to use fresh Italian oregano quickly, so only harvest what you need. However, it is possible to store it for a few days. First, wrap fresh Italian oregano sprigs in a damp paper towel. Then, place them in a plastic bag. Put the bag in the refrigerator. Stored this way, Italian oregano can stay fresh for up to a week. 

      Another option is to put several sprigs in a glass or jar of water. Cover it loosely with a plastic bag and put it in the refrigerator. 

      Shop Online for Naturally Grown Herb Plants 

      Italian oregano is a must for any herb garden. It can be planted outdoors or in containers indoors, providing you with a reliable source of fresh, peppery flavor for your favorite dishes. 

      Like all of our other herbs for sale, our Italian oregano plants are grown carefully, without pesticides and other harmful chemicals. You can be confident that when you purchase an herb from The Growers Exchange, you get a healthy, high-quality plant for your garden. Shop online today!

    • Origanum majoricum

      Characteristics: 'Italian' Oregano has a bold spicy flavor, quintessential to Italian cooking. A very popular culinary herb!
      Light: Oregano loves full sun.
      Water: Oregano will not tolerate constant 'wet feet.' Make sure soil is dry to the touch before you give it a thorough watering. Once established, oregano can withstand drought.
      Soil: Plant your oregano in well-draining soil of somewhat gravely or rocky consistency.
      Use: Wonderful in Mediterranean soups, sauces, salads, and pizzas.
    • Oregano is packed with nutrition: it contains vitamin E, iron, calcium, manganese, vitamin K, omega fatty acids, fiber ... and has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial as well as antioxidant properties. You can make an easy poultice out of the leaves to relieve swelling, and the essential oil can be applied directly on a tooth to relieve a toothache!

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