Scented Geranium 'Attar of Rose'

    Zones: 9-11
    Exposure: Full to Part Sun
    Mature Size: 18" X 18"S
    Bloom: Violet, Lavender, Summer - Fall
    Pot Size: 3.25”
    Availability: Ships in 7-10 Business Days
    • NON-GMO
    • Chimical free
    • 100% Guarantee
    • Culinary
    • Deer Resistant
    • Aroma
    • Container
    • Indoor
    • Attar of Rose Scented Geranium Plants For Sale

      Pelargonium Capitatum

      Has a calming fragrance that balances cardiac, nervous, and immune system. The beautiful violet and lavender blooms keep coming back each year. Great house plant. Do not over water. Drought-tolerant.

      Attar of Rose Scented Geraniums are perfect plants - they will thrive in the heat of the summer on a patio or deck, but before the danger of frost, they can be brought inside to become an easy-to-care for houseplant in a sunny location.

      They have rose-scented leaves and clusters of pale pink flowers and are perfect for containers. Grow in a location where the foliage can be touched and, thus, the scent released.


      Pelargonium capitatum



      Characteristics: Blooms are red and white.


      Light: Plant in full sun
      Water: Do not over water. Make sure soil is well drained
      Soil: Requires verage or medium soil

      Use: Can be used to flavor jellies. Flowers can be candied

    • Adding Attar of Rose to Apple Jelly:

      For a recipe calling for 4 pounds of apples

      Add 14 whole leaves of the geranium in a cheesecloth and remove when jelly is ready to set.
      Add 2 Tablespoons of chopped flower petals for appearance right before pouring into the jars. - Use only the flower petals

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