Zones: Annual
Exposure: Full Sun
Mature Size: 36"H x 36"S
Bloom: Chartreuese, Summer
Pot Size: 3.25”
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Product Features

  • Medicinal
  • Indoor
  • Ashwagandha Plants

    Withania somnifera

    Herb Growing Tips

    Light:  Plant in full sun, after any threat of frost. 

    Temperature:  Grown as an annual in Zones 4-8. 

    Water:  Water thoroughly only when dry to the touch.

    Soil:  High quality, well-drained soil.

    Comments:  Exotic Ashwagandha grows into a woody shrub up to 4 feet high


    Herb Description

    This ginseng-like tonic of the Ayurvedics has been used mainly in cases of physical and mental exhaustion and makes a very good stimulant. Ashwagandha has been used in cases of sexual exhaustion, infertility, low sperm count, and impotence. Ashwagandha has anti-inflammatory benefits that aid in the treatment of arthritis. Harvest the roots after the plant's foliage has died back following the first frost.

    Ashwagandha, the "Indian ginseng" or winter cherry, has been used as a quite valuable herb in the Ayurvedic and indigenous medical system for over 3,000 years. The roots, leaves and fruits (berry) possess tremendous medicinal value. A famous Ayurvedic rejuvenative botanical used in many tonics and formulas, Ashwagandha helps maintain proper nourishment of the tissues, particularly muscle and bones, while supporting the proper function of the adrenals and reproductive system.

    This  medicinal herb plant grows into a small, woody shrub with elliptical green leaves, producing small, uniform five-petaled flowers and small red seeds. Preferring hot, full sun, this herb will grow well after ALL chances of frost are gone. Given proper temperatures, soil depth and adequate (but not excessive) watering, the  Ashwagandha root should be ready to harvest in the first year.

    Use Them

    A strong and vigorous plant, Ashwagandha is considered the "hottest herb in India" and is known as 'Indian Ginseng' and 'Winter Cherry'. The leaves and roots are used as both an aphrodisiac and a sedative! Used by Ayurvedic healers for thousands of years, Ashwagandha  is used to reduce inflammation, decrease stress and increase the libido.

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