Zones: 5-9
    Exposure: Full to Part Sun
    Mature Size: 10'H x 8'S
    Bloom: Rose, Mauve, Lavender, Spring - Fall
    Pot Size: 3.25”
    Availability: Sold Out: Spring 2025!
    • NON-GMO
    • Chimical free
    • 100% Guarantee
    • Medicinal
    • Native
    • Passionflower Plants For Sale

      Passiflora incarnata

      Herb Growing Tips

      Light: Full Sun to Partial Sun

      Temperature: Zones 5-9

      Watering: Water really well after planting, then can be watered once-twice a week

      Soil: Moist, rich, well-draining soil 

      Comments: Combining beauty and a sweet/sour delicious fruit, Passionflower climbs quickly along trellises or fencing, making for a wonderful privacy screen. The beautiful blooms resemble a kaleidoscope that attracts many pollinators. Otherwise known as Maypop for the sound the fruit makes when stepped on, Passionflower is sure to delight all senses!

      Herb Description:  

       Passiflora incarnata, commonly known as passionflower, is a must-have in every home garden due to its exquisite blooms and delicious fruit. One of the key advantages of planting this herb is its rapid climbing ability, which makes it an ideal choice for creating a natural privacy screen.

      Passionflower's charming and unique blooms are an attraction for pollinators and can add a touch of natural beauty to your outdoor space. Despite its invasive nature, regular monitoring and pruning can help to curb its spread and keep it under control. Passionflower enjoys moist, rich, and well-draining soil, which can present a challenge for some gardeners. However, if you are willing to put in the effort to maintain it, passionflower can be a delightful and visually appealing addition to your home garden.

    • Passiflora incarnata
      Characteristics: This plant is attractive to bees, butterflies and/or birds. The flowers are quite fragrant.
      Light: Sun to partial shade
      Water: Average water needs. Water regularly; do not over water
      Soil: pH requirements: 5.6 to 6.0 (acidic) 6.1 to 6.5 (mildly acidic) 6.6 to 7.5 (neutral) 7.6 to 7.8 (mildly alkaline)

      Uses: Used to treat insomnia, anxiety, restlessness, and nervous disorders

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