How to Plant in a Pot

How to Plant in a Pot

How to Plant in a Pot

Luckily planting in containers is an easy Do It Yourself (DIY) process. Our potted plants make a perfect gift for any occasion for anyone on your list. Follow these easy steps, and all you need is a few minutes for healthy potted plants indoors or out!

Step 1: gather your plant(s), potting soil & container

Step 2: layer the bottom of the container with soil, leave enough room for the plant(s)

Step 3: remove the plant(s) from their original containers

Step 4: disturb the roots a little, this will help them grow better

Step 5: arrange in your container, leave equal spaces between each plant (if multiple), fill in with potting soil

Step 6: water well, drain completely; once the soil is settled, you may need to fill in with extra soil

Remember: many plants, like herbs, need a sunny location that gets 5-6 hours of sunlight each day; let your planter dry thoroughly between waterings, and use often!

How to Plant in Pots or Containers

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