Sweet Annie

    Zones: Annual
    Exposure: Full to Part Sun
    Mature Size: 6'H x 3'S
    Bloom: Yellow, Mid Summer - Mid Fall
    Pot Size: 3.25”
    Availability: Sold Out: Back Early August!
    • NON-GMO
    • Chimical free
    • 100% Guarantee
    • Medicinal
    • Deer Resistant
    • Aroma
    • Pollinator
    • Cut
    • Drought
    • Rare
    • Artemisia 'Sweet Annie' Plants For Sale

      Artemisia annua

      Artemisia 'Sweet Annie' is a wonderfully aromatic annual that will scent your whole yard with sweetness! Growing up to six feet tall, Sweet Annie is a formidable plant in the garden and self seeds profusely.

      An amazing fragrance for dried crafts and arrangements, Sweet Annie holds both its scent and lush, green color for a long time after drying. Its feathery, fern-like foliage is a beautiful compliment to wreathes and arrangements, and is often used to replace Baby's Breath as a filler. The plant's woody stem can also be used to create a frame for the actual wreath that its leaves and flowers can be used to decorate! This is such a long-loved fragrance that people once used this as a natural air freshener in homes and general stores, as well as kept it hanging in their pantries to repel bugs and scent their stored goods.

      Sweet Annie Plants

      Also a natural pesticide and insect deterrent, plant Sweet Annie near your porch or patio and keep the gnats and other pests at bay all summer long! This easy to care for herb also has some medicinal qualities, found within its seeds and fragrant leaves. Taken internally in tea form, it was once used to treat colds and fevers, and its derivatives may also prove to be antimalarial. As an external poultice, Artemisia can also reduce the symptoms of boils and abscesses.

      Easy to container plant, transplant to other areas of the yard or pull up if it is overwhelming your other plants, this sweet Artemisia prefers sunny or partially sunny areas and well-drained soil.


      Artemisia annua
      Characteristics: 'Sweet Annie' has fern-like leaves and bright yellow or chartreuse flowers.

      Light: Artemisia loves sunshine and will show its best growth in full sun.

      Water: Artemisia has average watering needs. Water regularly, but do not over water. Artemisia will greatly benefit from a little mulch spread around its base, especially in very hot climates.

      Soil: Artemisia likes well-draining soil of average quality. It will do great from neutral to mildly alkaline soils.

      Use: Artemisia is popularly used dried, in arrangements and other crafts. Its ability to hold its scent and color makes it a very popular dried flower. This multi-use plant is also deer resistant and widely used as a natural insect deterrent. Plant some next to your deck to keep those summer pests away!

      Also known as Mugwort, this is a fast growing perennial for sun. Deer resistant, can tolerate drought and sandy soil. It can be cut back in spring to control size but make sure not to cut into old wood - look for buds to start and do not cut below the new growth. 'Sweet Annie' can be sheared during the summer if needed and new foliage will flush out quickly.


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