Scented Geranium 'Citronella'

Zones: 9-11
Exposure: Full to Part Sun
Mature Size: 24"H x 24"S
Bloom: Violet, Spring - Fall
Pot Size: 3.25”
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Product Features

  • Deer Resistant
  • Aroma
  • Container
  • Indoor
  • Citronella Geranium Plants - Scented

    Pelargonium 'Citrosa'

    Pelargonium, or 'Scented Geraniums', are wonderful nostalgic scent plants first introduced to England in the mid 17th century. These African natives are not geraniums, but rather Pelargoniums derived from the word 'pelargos' meaning "stork's bill" to describe the shape of the seed head.

    'Citrosa' is claimed to keep mosquitoes, black flies and other biting insects at bay and its refreshing citronella scent and ease of culture make it worthwhile. Leaves can be used in potpourris, perfumes and flavoring preserves. Highly aromatic, Scented Geranium 'Citronella' looks great when grown in a pot or container which will also help contain its quick spreading growth.

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