Zones: 8-11
    Exposure: Full to Part Sun
    Mature Size: 36"H x 36"S
    Bloom: White, Continuously
    Pot Size: 3.25”
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    • NON-GMO
    • Chimical free
    • 100% Guarantee
    • Culinary
    • Medicinal
    • Container
    • Indoor
    • Stevia Plants For Sale

      Stevia rebaudiana

      Stevia is an all natural alternative to processed sugar with little to no calories. A member of the Chrysanthemum family, Stevia plants are native to South America and was originally discovered by the Guarani tribes, indigenous to Paraguay, Bolivia and Brazil, who used it medicinally in teas. Named "ka'a he'e" or "sweet herb" by the tribes, the sweet plant was also used as an herbal remedy for heartburn and indigestion.

      A fairly controversial plant in modern times, Stevia is banned in some countries due to lack of research on its effects and the fact that because it is naturally occurring, there is no patent for the herb. First used commercially in Japan, who remains the largest producer and consumer of Stevia and Stevia by products, it can be found in the United States in artificial sweeteners or as a dietary supplement. Also used in many weight loss and specialized diet foods because it has little to no caloric value, preliminary studies show that it does not raise blood glucose levels and may be more healthy for diabetics.

      Culinary Uses for Stevia

      Stevia is a great culinary herb and its leaves can be used to sweeten teas and drinks, custards, desserts and more. It is not recommended as a replacement for processed sugar when baking, as Stevia doesn't caramelize or crystallize like sugar does and this difference in chemical reactions when heated may not produce a flavorful or expected outcome. The leaves themselves have a faintly licorice like taste when used fresh and the plant is easy to grow if kept warm. It will continuously flower and will do best in doors in a pot or container if grown in a zone where the weather gets cold and rainy.

      Try planting Stevia with some of our "Tea Plants" which include Chamomile 'Roman' and Spearmint, Mint, for a sweet compliment to hot tea!

    • Stevia rebaudiana

      Characteristics: Stevia is a bushy high-yielding plant with very sweet leaves and tiny white flowers.
      Light: Plant Stevia in full sun, ensuring it gets several hours of direct sunlight a day.
      Water: Be careful not to over-water your stevia plant. Give it a deep watering only when it is dry to the touch.
      Soil: Stevia likes well-drained soil of good quality.
      Used: Used fresh or dried as an herbal alternative to sugar with little to no caloric intake.
      Extras: For a delicious cup of tea, seep 2 stevia leaves and 2 lemon verbena leaves. Yum!

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