Thyme 'Lemon'

Zones: 5-9
Exposure: Full Sun
Mature Size: 12"H x 15"S
Bloom: Pink or Lavender, Mid Summer
Pot Size: 3.25”
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Product Features

  • Culinary
  • Medicinal
  • Deer Resistant
  • Aroma
  • Pollinator
  • Indoor
  • Lemon Thyme Plants

    Thymus citriodorus

    Lemon Thyme looks and grows like English Thyme but has the taste and scent of lemon! Use Lemon Thyme in any recipe that calls for lemon flavoring or lemon zest to avoid bitterness or overpowering with citrus flavor. Known worldwide for its culinary prowess, Lemon Thyme is heavily used in Middle Eastern and European cuisines, most popularly found in the French Bouquet Garnis and Herbes de Provence. Lemon Thyme is best added early on in the cooking process, when left to simmer, its lemon flavor slowly infuses the dish. Lemon Thyme also makes a very delicious and medicinally valuable tea and is a great source of iron.

    Believed for centuries to be a symbol of courage, Lemon Thyme was also seen as an herb that ensured safety and protection. Often placed under pillows and in mattresses to ward off bad dreams and used to line coffins to protect the soul on its journey to the afterlife, Thyme has a rich superstitious history.

    A valuable medicinal herb, Lemon Thyme is similar to the rest of its family. Highly antiseptic, it was used to disinfect wounds, sterilize bandages and illness. Because its essential oils are lipid-soluble, when taken in tea form, it is highly effective at thinning and reducing mucus and chest congestion. Frequently prescribed after childbirth, Lemon Thyme tea aides in the recovery and healing, and reduces painful uterine contractions. Lemon Thyme is now commonly found in many all natural sanitizers and cleansers for its aromatic scent and antiseptic properties.

    Lemon thyme is a reliable little herb that has attractive green, glossy heart shaped leaves and produces a delicate little pink flower in the summer. This thyme is a semi-creeping plant and looks great in a container filled with bright, cheery annuals.

    Also available in our four inch hand thrown Guy Wolff Greenhouse Pot. The aged finish of these classic terracotta pots will add style to your naturally beautiful plants! Whether it's a "thank you" for the hostess with the “mostest”, or a corporate Christmas gift, these potted herbs make the perfect gift.
  • Thymus citriodorus


    Characteristics: 'Lemon' Thyme looks very similar to English Thyme, but with a wonderful lemon scent.


    Light: Thyme is a Mediterranean herb—it will flourish in dry, sunny conditions.


    Water: Thyme has average water needs. Water regularly but be careful not to overwater.


    Soil: Thyme likes dry, lean, well-drained soil. Thyme is susceptible to root rot and fungus if exposed to constant moisture. Like most herbs, it's a good idea to thoroughly let thyme dry out before you give it a deep watering.


    Use: A fragrant culinary herb, lemon thyme is a lovely addition to shellfish and fruit salads.

  • Thyme is an herb with a past!


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