Zones: 9-11
Exposure: Full to Part Sun
Mature Size: 24"H x 12"S
Bloom: Pink, Mid Summer
Pot Size: 3.25”
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Product Features

  • Culinary
  • Aroma
  • Rare
  • Za'atar Plants for Sale

    Origanum maru

    Herb Growing Tips

    Light: Prefers Full sunlight but can grow in part sunlight

    Temperature: Herbaceous perennial hardy in Zones 9 to 11

    Watering: Water when the soil becomes visually dry or the plant is showing wilt then thoroughly saturate until some water trickles from the bottom of the pot. Growing in a clay pot will help ensure a healthy root system. 

    Soil: Well drained soil. No need fertilize regularly. 

    Herb Description

    An unusual culinary herb that just has to be a part of this season's herb gardening. We look hard for unusual herb plants and this is a real find!

    Za'atar is one of the world’s great seasonings. Throughout the Middle East it gives life to hummus, dips, and soups. It is mixed with olive oil to make delicious pastes for the traditional flatbreads served with meals. Each region has its own version of zaatar: in some areas it is a blend of herbs and spices while in others it is just one herb from among several varieties depending on the region.

    This za'atar plant is native in the mountains of northern Israel where it is popular among both Arabs and Jews. The attractive greyish-green foliage of this aromatic herb has a spicy flavor and smell that is truly divine.

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