Thanksgiving Feast

    Mature Size: Varies
    Bloom: Varies
    Pot Size: 3.25" pots!
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    • Chimical free
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    • Culinary
    • Aroma
    • Container
    • Indoor

    • Make your Thanksgiving Feast more flavorful with FRESH HERBS! By adding some snipping's of Thyme Sprigs to your Turkey or Sprinkling some fresh Parsley as the perfect garnish to make your meal POP! You can easily created a wonderful aroma that family and friends will enjoy! 



      The triple-curled leaves of this parsley make beautiful garnishes. The compact, mounded growth habit makes bunching easy. Curly Parsley is typically seen as a garnish. This Parsley can also be used as an ingredient and has a taste similar to celery.


      'Arp' Rosemary has an erect habit with gray-green, needle-like leaves. As this culinary herb matures, the stems develop into woody limbs, which are often used to skewer meats and vegetables to infuse the foods with flavor. Perhaps the hardiest of all varieties. The fragrance of this aromatic herb is unmistakable, and the herb is useful for flavoring lamb, pork, or beef.



      Common Sage is simply a smaller version of the species; a perfect ornamental herb as well as a culinary herb for herb gardening. Fresh or dried, Common Sage provides any dish with the solid and robust flavor of sage especially poultry, eggs, fish and breads.



      The traditional variety of this commonly used culinary herb. English Thyme, a basic in herb gardening, has small evergreen, gray-green leaves and blooms white/pale purple in the summer. Popular for its use in bouquet garnis and as an ingredient in the French mixture of herbs, Fines Herbs. A great compliment to lamb, beef, eggs, infused in honey and more. hairs.

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