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    Exposure: Full Sun
    Mature Size: Varies
    Bloom: Varies
    Pot Size: 3.25"
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    • NON-GMO
    • Chimical free
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    • Medicinal
    • Rare

    • What is an Herbalist…someone who uses plants for healing. These selected plants will do just that. If you are stressed from a long day… Ashwagandha will help relieve that. Do you have an itchy cough…Horehound is wonderful in a tea to help soothe away that irritating cough.
      Now before you start becoming your own Herbalist, please talk with your doctor or do a thorough research on proper ways to use these herbs medicinally. We are not doctors here at The Growers Exchange…just good ol’ fashion gardeners!  



      This ginseng-like plant of the Ayurvedics has been used mainly in cases of physical and mental exhaustion and makes a very good stimulant. Preferring hot, full sun, this herb will grow well after ALL chances of frost are gone. Given proper temperatures, soil depth and adequate (but not excessive) watering, the  Ashwagandha root should be ready to harvest in the first year. Harvest the roots after the plant's foliage has died back following the first frost.



       An antiseptic, anti-fungal and has precursors for human hormones and Vitamin A, so it is strongly recommended by many holistic healers. Its gentle but potent ability to heal and reduce inflammation also makes it a wonderful addition to bath and beauty products, like bath infusions, face washes and shampoos. It can be used on animals as well. Taken internally as a soothing tea, it can also be used to treat stomach pain, inflamed lymph nodes and liver conditions.


      Also referred to as ‘Knitbone’ as it is the plant's high concentration of Allantoin that helps reduce inflammation of sprains and broken bones. When mashed and heated into a poultice or applied as a salve, Comfrey can also make a wonderfully mild astringent great for ulcers and sores. The plant's natural Allantoin levels also make it a great herb for after sun care. Just steep fresh comfrey into a tea for external use, by straining the leaves and letting it cool. You can then soak the sunburned areas in the cooled tea to help reduce pain and discomfort, and promote healthy skin regeneration.



      This makes a great herb to dress areas up that may have inadequate conditions because it thrives in poor soil conditions. If after a year your Horehound doesn't flower, don't be alarmed. It usually takes this hardy little perennial two years to get full established and start producing tiny purple blooms. A member of the Mint family, it has distinct, wrinkled leaves and a tough fibrous root system.


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