Medicinal Plants and Herbs

    All of our plants are GMO-free, naturally grown herb plants! (Read more about Our Growing PracticeWe sell live plants that are well-rooted in a standard 3.25" pot. To help with your search check out our collections to help find the perfect plant! CulinaryMedicinalAromaticFlowering, and many more Collections on the "Shop By" menu!

    **Please note that all information presented is based on research of the historical uses of the herbs we sell. We are not providing our customers with medical advice, therefore consult a doctor or reputable herbalist before using any herb for medical purposes.

    Betony $8.59
    Epazote $8.59
    Catmint $8.59
    Cat Grass $7.59
    Woad $8.59
    Curry $8.59
    Henna $19.99
    Mugwort $8.59
    Ashwagandha Sold Out
    Clary Sage Sold Out
    Valerian Sold Out
    Sweet Woodruff Sold Out
    Salad Burnet Sold Out
    Nettle Sold Out
    Wintergreen Sold Out
    Indian Tobacco Sold Out

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