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    Thyme is a popular and fragrant herb that’s a staple in many homes, for cooking, gardening, landscaping, and other practical uses. This low-growing perennial plant is an excellent addition to your garden or a sunny kitchen windowsill.


    Thyme seeds have slow and uneven germination. Starting with healthy cuttings or buying a thyme plant are much better options. There are plenty of thyme variants to choose from. Whether you need to add to your kitchen herbs or find fragrant plants to decorate your garden, we offer several types:


    Lemon Thyme: While visually similar to English thyme, lemon thyme has a hint of lemon that goes well in savory Middle Eastern and European cuisine. Add lemon thyme instead of lemon zest to get that citrus note without the bitterness, or steep it into your tea for a healthy dose of iron. 


    Woolly Thyme: An attractive, slow-growing, and fragrant addition to your garden, woolly thyme complements other plants or the stone landscaping. Aside from its fuzzy green foliage, it also sprouts tiny pink flowers that attract butterflies. 


    French Thyme: Also known as summer thyme, this sweet variant is a must-have for those who enjoy authentic French cuisine. It complements both savory and sweet dishes and can preserve meat, ice cream, and candy.


    English Thyme: The quintessential culinary herb that’s a staple in nearly every herb garden. It’s a versatile choice for those who want fresh thyme for cooking savory meals or for a fast ground-cover plant for your greenery. 


    Find Healthy Herbs for Your Cooking and Gardening

    The Growers Exchange offers thyme plants for sale, herbs, and other flora that match what you’re looking for. We deliver the finest selection of herb plants to your doorstep and give you healthy and organic plants ready for planting. 

    Browse our catalog of thyme plants for sale and select your orders today!

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