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    Shade-Tolerant Herbs From The Grower's Exchange

    If you have a garden that doesn't get a lot of sun, you might wonder if it's even possible to grow herbs. The answer is Yes! Many herbs grow in the shade, from culinary ones like curly parsley and chives to medicinal and aromatic ones like wintergreen and chervil. Here are a few other examples of herbs that grow in the shade:

    Sweet Woodruff: Need ground cover for a shady spot in your garden? Look no further than Sweet Woodruff. This shade-tolerant, mat-forming plant has attractive, dark leaves and small, star-shaped white flowers that bloom in May and June.

    Catnip: These herbs that grow in the shade are a must for gardeners with feline friends. Besides being a favorite cat treat, catnip is also an effective pest repellant.

    Anise Hyssop: Also known as licorice mint, anise hyssop is shade-tolerant and easy to grow. It does well in partial and full sun, and it's a wonderful plant to grow to attract bees.

    Italian Flatleaf Parsley: Those who want culinary herbs that grow in the shade should add this plant to their collection. It is often used as a garnish but can also lend a fresh, peppery taste to other recipes.

    Peppermint: A herb garden isn’t complete without peppermint. It has countless medicinal and culinary uses, and it is very easy to grow, making it ideal for novice gardeners.

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